If you know me personally, you probably have heard me utter this at least once.

I have been asked multiple times how I have been able to stick with a nutrition plan for so long and lose this much weight. I always say, I give myself GRACE…and that is the difference between this time in my life and the countless other times I have tried and failed at losing weight and improving my health. It’s a word we see thrown around quite often, however what is it?

Grace is how you feel when all is unraveling, and at the very end, you find yourself with an unexpected gesture of kindness. It is acceptance, forgiveness and love granted upon yourself despite any shortcomings or disappointing actions.

It is shaking off the fact that you just ate at McDonald’s and screwed up what was supposed to be an “on plan” day.

It is looking in the mirror and patting yourself on the back after a disappointing weigh-in. You ate right and exercised all week but gained a pound? Better luck next time. The numbers may not be what you wanted but your body is healthier. You are doing an amazing job.

It is getting yourself back up and accepting you just ate enough sugar to fill a dumptruck over Christmas. Yes, you feel gross. We’ve ALL been there. More than once. Each day is a new beginning.

I always shamed myself if I messed up diet-wise in the past. Which led to more screwing up and at times more weight gain. Giving myself grace has been what gave me the strength to keep on going and break the cycle of starting over. This is the most important piece of advice I can give as a health coach, and it applies to almost every aspect of life.


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